International Condom Day

Background and Rationale 

Every year, 13th February is observed as International Condom Day. It aims at increasing awareness of using a condom as a contraceptive for safer sex. It helps to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including HIV and unwanted pregnancies. This day is purposely observed a day before valentine’s day to promote safe sex and reduce the spread of HIV and other sexual diseases. This day also aims to place condom as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Venue and Date

Zimbabwe will this year commemorate the International Condom Day on the 16th of February at Banket Business Centre in Mashonaland West Province. The commemoration will come after an Advocacy High Level Meeting to be conducted on the 14th of February 2019. The high level meeting seeks to address the following market challenges

• Bottlenecks affecting the three condom markets
• Find ways of creating a conducive market environment that is favourable for market growth and ensures sustainability ( Duty and VAT)
• Addressing challenges experienced with regulatory and condom testing fees for quality assurance
• Domestic funding for program sustainability
• Condom brands
• Pricing and its impact on the market

Theme of International Condom Day 2019

This year the theme for International Condom Day is “Safer is Sexy”