Gender and Workplace

Gender and HIV are interconnected. Gender norms for example, strongly influence men’s and women’s risk-taking behaviours, expressions of sexuality, and vulnerability to HIV infection. Zimbabwe recognises these linkages and the need for gender-sensitive HIV responses. The Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan ( ZNASP 111, 2015-2020) acknowledges that gender inequalities and gender norms continue to be determining factors in women and girls risk of contracting HIV but have not been fully integrated in the HIV and AIDS response. The National AIDS Council (NAC) has therefore consistently galvanized its stakeholders to mainstream gender into their HIV programmes and vice versa in line with the national development plans and in order to ensure the realisation of the full potential of women. The ultimate goal of gender mainstreaming is to achieve gender equality. A National Gender and HIV Technical Working Group was established to assist with coordination of gender mainstreaming. The Technical Working Group has successfully facilitated the development of The National Gender and HIV Implementation Plan 2017-2020. Advocacy work has also been carried out around policy issues

The Workplace has a key role to play in scaling up HIV prevention, treatment, care and support as part of the multi-sectoral response to HIV and AIDS. In an effort to scale up the workplace response to HIV and AIDS, National AIDS Council together with other key partners have intensified the World of Work participation and involvement in the national response with the development of the National Strategic Frameworks for the Private Sector, the Public Sector, the Informal Economy and sector specific policies. NAC has facilitated development of coordination mechanisms for the sectors to ensure an effective, efficient and well-resourced workplace response to HIV and AIDS.

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