Global Fund

Global Fund is a public-private multi-billion-dollar international financing partnership established in 2002 with the objective of providing performance-based grant funding to assist countries in the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria by dramatically increasing the availability of funding. These diseases kill over 6 million people each year, and the numbers are growing. It is thus a financial instrument, not an implementing entity. It relies on local stakeholders at the country-level to implement programmes and manage grants. In Zimbabwe the Global Fund activities are coordinated by the Country Coordinating Mechanism through,
• Local Fund Agent
• Principal Recipient
• Sub Recipient
• Sub Sub-Recipient


For more information about Global Fund activities in Zimbabwe view or download the documents below.

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Overview of Global Fund Structures and Functions in Zimbabwe.pdf 992.98 KB
Global-Fund-HIV-Funding-In-Zimbabwe .pdf 344.28 KB
Global Fund Round 8 Grant Performance Rating.pdf 188.5 KB
GF-report.pdf 40.19 KB
Zimbabwe-Global-Fund-grant-implementation-support-needs-assessment-report(final).pdf 607.07 KB
Zimbabwe-HIV-proposal-for-Global-Fund-round-8(final).pdf 747.62 KB