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Lloyd Mubulawa (National AIDS Council)

The National AIDS Council has embarked on a number of strategies to curb new HIV infections in Masvingo Province.

Speaking to editors from different media houses, NAC Provincial Manager Mr Edgar Muzulu said the organization is focusing on prevention anchored on five pillars.

Mr Muzulu said that, this is in line with the  90 90 90 target that is 90% of people living with HIV know their status,90% of people living with HIV to be on treatment and the viral load of 90% of people on ART to be suppressed.

The strategies that have been implemented by the National AIDS Council are targeting all age groups in Masvingo Province and this clearly reveals that no one can be left behind in response to new HIV infections.

“The use of the morning after pill is very high and the university students are scared of being impregnated instead of contracting HIV/AIDS or STIs”,said Mr Muzulu.

In this regard, the province had recently recorded the increase of new HIV/AIDS infections and STIs which had become a cancerous problem which is currently perpetrated by different factors.

He also endorsed the global biggest dream to end new HIV/AIDS infections by 2030 with the idea that, National AIDS Council (NAC) is providing the multi sectoral response to new HIV/AIDS infections in Zimbabwe.

The organization said to embark on condomize campaigns that are piloted using the sex workers to distribute condoms to their fellow partners and friends and also the use of condom dispensers in strategic places so that all the key populations can be easily reached.

“We have some hard to reach stakeholders such as the key populations and we have come with strategies that can address the existing problems and through those strategies we are achieving good results”, said Mr Muzulu.

“ The HIV prevalence for the province is 12,8%, amongst 100 people we are most likely to have 12 people living with HIV and Chivi District has 14,6% recorded case of people living with HIV which made it the highest in the province”, he said.

Since traditional beliefs had contributed much to the increase of HIV cases in the area, the organization managed to convince the traditional leaders in Mwenezi and Chiredzi District to adopt the voluntary medical male circumcision as a safer way and as well as empowering the vulnerable girl child through Sista2Sista program.

“End of September we have recorded a number of 138 208 people living with HIV who are on ART and among those people 9700 are children on ART”, he said.