National AIDS Council Engages Sports Journalists

Feb 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Trust Govere (NAC)
NAC is conducting a two day capacity building meeting for sports journalists from various media houses. The meeting follows recent ones conducted for editors and general reporters.
“This time we have decided to target sports journalists as we have noted that there is little coverage of HIV issues that relate to sports, yet sports personalities are usually at risk given the publicity and popularity that they are given by media. Without the relevant attention to HIV and general health risks including COVID-19 that affects sports personalities, we would seem like a nation that enjoys the fruits and ignoring fruit trees. This meeting is therefore aimed at ensuring that our reporters adequately cover HIV in their general sports reportage and promote relevant behavior change among sports personalities” , Dr B Madzima NAC Chief Executive Officer delivering his remarks during the meeting.

NAC has planned additional media engagement activities for the year which include media tours, media awards and capacity building meetings.