The secretariat is present at national, provincial and district levels. Its task is developing and realizing management and administrative systems to promote and support the expanded multi-sectoral response to HIV and AIDS.

    • Facilitating and supporting the establishment and operations of HIV and AIDS.
    • Coordination mechanisms for sectoral and district/community action on HIV and AIDS.
    • Providing guidance and technical support for sectoral and district/ community strategic planning and priority setting for HIV and AIDS.
    • Supporting implementation of sectoral and community/district response to HIV and AIDS.
    • Mobilizing and managing resources and ensuring transparency and accountability in their utilization.
    • Putting in place and realizing appropriate strategies for effective monitoring and evaluation of responses to HIV and AIDS as well as tracking accounting for resources mobilized to fight HIV and AIDS.
    • Reviewing and appraising proposals submitted for funding.
    • Providing strategic guidance, facilitation and technical support for planning, implementation, coordination and monitoring of HIV and AIDS programmes on youth, gender, workplace and social support for impact mitigation.
    • Assisting to establish and maintain appropriate management and technical capacity necessary to support scaling up of response initiatives on HIV and AIDS throughout the country.
    • Initiating and realizing strategic partnership against HIV and AIDS with key stakeholders (NGOs, private sector, public sector, local authorities, donor media etc.)
    • Developing and maintaining a database and website for the purpose of data capture, monitoring and evaluation and information sharing.
    • Designing and implementing advocacy strategies in order to make HIV and AIDS everyone’s concern and promote the necessary action to counter the epidemic
    • Documentation and sharing of best practices.
  • Supporting prioritization of research on HIV and AIDS and promoting dissemination and utilization of research findings.

Mr Issac Taramusi

DATA Modelling Coordinator

Mr Silibeli Mpofu

MIPA Coordinator

Mr Jeremiah Manyiak

Key Populations Coordinator

Mr Masimba Nyamucheta

DREAMS Coordinator

Mrs Vimbai Mdege

Gender and Workplace Coordinat...

Mrs Beauty Nyamwanza

Youth Coordinator