Strategic Framework

Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plans

Since its inception in 1999, the operations of the National AIDS Council have been guided by a series of policies which have been reviewed over the years in response to changing trends. Since the discovery of  the first case of HIV and AIDS in 1985, the national response to HIV and  AIDS have been guided by the following policies and strategic plans,
• Emergency Short Term Plan (ESTP) – 1987
• Mid Term Plan ( MTP1) – 1993
• Mid Tern Plan ( MTP2) – 1994-99
• National Policy on HIV and AIDS – 1999
• National HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework – 2000-2004
• Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan – 2006-2010
Extended Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 3 2015-2020

The extended national strategic plan [ZNASP III 2015-20], is a successor to the ZNASP III [2015-2018] and aligns the national response to elements of the ZIMASSET (2013-2018) priorities, the global 90-90-90 by 2020 fast track targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.
To sustain the trajectory of reduction of new infections achieved over the lives of the recent national
strategic plans, this extended ZNASP III specifically aims at closing the tap of new infections. In this
regard, high impact interventions contained here-in will target key and vulnerable populations including
children, adolescents, young people, girls and women among others.

The Extended ZNASP III is outcome based and specifically seeks to achieve:

Reduction of the HIV incidence among adults and adolescents by 50% from 0.48 in 2016 to 0.24 % by 2020

Reduction of new HIV infections among children to less 50 cases per 100 000 by 2020

Reduction of HIV and AIDS related mortality by 50% for both adults and children by 2020

Eradication of HIV related stigma and discrimination by 2020

Promote smart investment for more focused and high
impact interventions, allowing for hybrid financing by Government on one hand and donors and partners
on the other.

For more information on the Zimbabwe HIV and AIDS Strategic Plans view or download the documents below.

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