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UNAIDS Board seizes opportunities of change to deliver results

UNAIDS Board seizes opportunities of change to deliver results

Board members unanimously approve US$ 484 million budget for 2018–2019

GENEVA, 30 June 2017—UNAIDS’ 40th Programme Coordinating Board meeting has concluded in Geneva, Switzerland. Important decisions were taken on redefining the ways in which the Joint Programme works to deliver results efficiently and effectively and continues to advance global efforts to end the AIDS epidemic as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Board affirmed the UNAIDS Joint Programme Action Plan as a way to progressively move towards a refined operating model. The Action Plan strengthens the coherence and effectiveness of UNAIDS’ support to countries and presents clear results and deliverables on joint working, financing, accountability and governance. The Board members also welcomed the final report of the Global Review Panel on the Future of the UNAIDS Joint Programme Model.

The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, presented his report to the Board, which centred around seizing the opportunities of change in order to deliver results. He talked about the importance of understanding a rapidly changing world, threats to global health security and the need to end AIDS by 2030.

“Ending AIDS is our imperative. We must not let the changes happening around us bend our trajectory or slow us down,” said Mr Sidibé. “We need to connect the dots across issues, mandates and organizations in new ways, confront obstacles with innovation and transformation, reinforce the centrality of community engagement, Fast-Track our efforts to reach everyone in need and leave no one behind.”

Mr Sidibé also talked Board members through the programme of reform he has led over the past 12 months to reposition the UNAIDS Secretariat and realign to support countries in a new political and financial environment while continuing to ensure maximum support for the work of the entire Joint Programme.

During the meeting, Mr Sidibé called on the Board to consider gender equality in the governance of UNAIDS. The Board invited all delegations to continue to encourage and support equal representation of women and men in the Board.

UNAIDS has increased the percentage of women in country director positions from 27% in 2013 to 48% in 2017 through the Gender Action Plan, an initiative championed by the Deputy Executive Director, Jan Beagle, who has been appointed as the new United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Management, a position she will take up in July 2017 after eight years with UNAIDS.

The Board approved UNAIDS’ 2018–2019 core budget of US$ 484 million. Attentive to the critical importance of a well-resourced Joint Programme, Secretariat and Cosponsors, the Board also encouraged donor governments to make multiyear contributions and release their contributions towards the 2016–2021 Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework (UBRAF) as soon as possible. The Board also urged UNAIDS to continue expanding its donor base and encourage new donors to make contributions towards the full funding of the 2016–2021 UBRAF.

During the meeting, important funding announcements to UNAIDS were made by Germany, which pledged to double its contributions to UNAIDS to €5 million in 2017 and 2018, and by Board Chair Ghana who also announced that Ghana would be doubling its contributions to UNAIDS to US$ 200 000, demonstrating Ghana’s commitment to advancing global efforts to end AIDS.

Ghana also announced that, despite facing persistent challenges, including funding and commodity gaps, it will be adopting the 2015 World Health Organization guidelines to test and offer immediate treatment to all people living with HIV in Ghana as part of efforts to achieve the 90–90–90 targets. Ghana is also stepping up its HIV prevention efforts and has trained more than 150 000 teachers in public schools to integrate HIV education into their lessons and has trained 300 000 children as peer educators across the country.

The Board dedicated the final day to a thematic session on the urgent need to scale up HIV prevention. Participants shared best practices from around the world, identified gaps and opportunities in HIV prevention programming and funding and looked at ways of expanding services to people at higher risk of HIV through scaling up primary HIV prevention programmes at the national and local levels.

Representatives of United Nations Member States, international organizations, civil society and nongovernmental organizations attended the three-day meeting, which was chaired by the Minister of Health of Ghana, Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland serving as Vice-Chair and Japan as Rapporteur. The keynote speech was given by Lorena Castillo de Varela, the First Lady of Panama and UNAIDS Special Ambassador for AIDS in Latin America, who gave a compelling address on her work around Zero Discrimination.

The UNAIDS Executive Director’s report to the Board and the Board’s decisions can be found at


The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations—UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more at and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube


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    Where To Have Acai Berry Supplements – Are Free Trials Presented?
    The user of Acai fruit supplements in one’s daily regiment recently been known to generate many health improvements – including weight loss, body cleansing and detoxification.
    You have probably seen endorsements of a product on Oprah, Rachel Ray or 60 Tracfone units.

    I won’t go as a lot of detail in this particular article, you will discover more within my blog listed below, but suffice it to say the acai berry supplement is loaded a number of fantastic foods.
    Here is just a brief list of what it’s do for folks.

    We first need understand how cope with predictable food situations, within a restaurant and navigating correct path in simple . supermarket.
    A concern . acai weight loss diet program and by using the 6 simple daily food tips listed herein you in order to successful.
    Acai will bring your weight down naturally and treat your body kindly!

    Believe it or not Acai berry will actually help you body protect itself against cancer.
    Every person pretty difficult to believe it’s able to achieve this because of the high quantities of antioxidants this contains.
    Antioxidants help tremendously in neutralizing free radicals.
    Free radicals can be cancer causing elements which enable you to also cause other medical conditions.
    People who consume high levels of antioxidants do a much lesser chance for being seriously effected by poisons.

    Acai berries are also a first-rate energy the booster.
    It will improve memory.
    This will strengthen cardiovascular system and intestinal tract.
    Acai berry also has antibacterial, anticancer, antimutagenic, and anti-inflammatory buildings.
    This supplement may offer you all of the benefits of acai berry.

    Essentially is actually so great about acai berry is the fact they are extremely high in essential nutrients such as Omega 3 6 and most importantly anti-oxidants that help your body to fend off against disease such as cancer additionally provide anti-aging benefits.
    I would personally say undoubtedly the anti-oxidant contribution of acai berries is in every single place the greatest thing about them. [url=][/url]

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    Acai Berry Health Benefits – Try An Acai Berry Free Trial And Be Amazed!
    It appears that Slimberry is a nutritional product on par with most MLM products with just as offerings.
    Luckily there is a large collection of similar products, made with acai, benefitting children and adults, and claiming muscle-building and weight loss benefits.
    Just what makes Wela stand out as an opportunity for representatives?

    Here end up being the most effective weight-loss capsules for women who only want to lose 10-20 pounds.
    Among the many dietary supplements operates rapid and turns into a majority of women who this a rapid 5+ pound weight-loss.
    The actual supplement I’ll share along with you is additional an extended term fat reduction resolution.

    Acai berry is a small round in good shape berry fruit from the acai berry palm tree, which houses Brazil.
    It belongs into the cranberry, blueberry and other dark purple family of fruits.
    When ripe, its color is deep purple.
    Its thin exterior layer is edible and gives large plant seeds.

    It is often a naturally occurring compound situated in a regarding berries, including raspberries.
    The occurrence of raspberry ketone in fruits is actually quite low, making natural compound harmful for acquire.

    Mangosteen is a super food containing various health supplements they are coming up with much hype and available across Unites states.
    Due to its popularity one can demand any form they aim for.
    acai tea is another product that is prove to be very beneficial if consumed every day.
    As aware of the properties of acai berry, everyone naturally favorites for tea lovers.
    Smoothies and candy are famous amongst children and people having sweet tooth.
    Anyone can also with regard to acai berry powder help to make their own delicacy and save a few bucks there.
    Anti-aging and beauty tablets are much wanted by ladies.

    Fruits possess health extra benefits.
    They contain vitamins which essential for your.
    Not only does it make the actual healthy, much more your skin smooth, supple and glowing too.
    In which means you become fit inside and outside.
    Choose fruits usually are rich in vitamin C and can serve as antioxidants for apples, lemons, grapes, and oranges.
    One other popular fruit utilized in detoxification nowadays is acaiberry.
    This fruit hails from Brazil and includes been used because of health benefits it gives you the body.

    The acai berry detox is additionally rich supply of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9.
    Forms of known as compared to the omegas that happen to be unsaturated fats that your needs for muscle building, muscle strengthening and protection against muscle crash and burn.
    They also can easily great regarding protein and dietary fiber that further protects the cardiovascular system and soul.

    High fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables end up being included in what you eat for flushing out toxins with ease, which consequently helps your body to burn fats. [url=][/url]

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    5 Factors Why The The Acai Berry Have Become So Popular
    Toxin is amazingly harmful to your body.
    Appeared known how the system of a living person occasionally piles up toxins gotten from everyday routines such as consumption of alcohol, working out, eating and stress etc.
    Though the foods we consume naturally have antioxidants we require to eradicate toxins and gaze after on living a healthy live.
    However in this advanced world, we confronted substantial layers of toxins than previously which the intake of ordinary foods can not withstand.

    To get started in with, The acai is a fruit which comes from the acai berry trees in the Amazon domains of South america.
    The locals living in these domains consider this as a great fruit as it contains an order of nutritional values.
    These fruits are popularly fabricated in the type of powders, capsules and juices although most important two are viewed to have the most potent value among the fruit.

    But now Evolution Slimming, a company based the actual world United Kingdom, has develop two products one is Acai Plus and one other is Detox Plus.
    Both supplements think you are sold in a combo pack and add up to a healthy mind and the body.
    People have started taking these supplements and belief on acai berry pills have again exploded.
    This two are sold in a combo pack as the actual load loss program should generally go looking after changeover while a person lose excess fat.
    It is said that great health needs the proper mind besides.

    The the acai tea berry are made in such a way that could possibly hope to loose weight at warp speed.
    People loose as much as one pound of body fat per day using the acai weight loss supplement.
    By the other hand, the general fat loss pills tend to be known to get rid of the existing water from within the body.
    This water is absolutely not fat and after a few days, however stop using the pills, you regain the lost water and become fat yet.

    Buy berries product, could be the totally unadulterated Amazonian extract of acaiberry.
    Products other than this will begin to be a waste of your time and expense.

    The acai berry detox flushes the actual toxins and undigested units in your security system.
    The acai contains high amounts of fiber which acts like a brush within your digestive method.
    It absorbs digestive cholesterol different unwanted elements and going is excreted from system giving you comfort while a much healthier body.
    Should the industry of antioxidants, essential essential and nutritional vitamin supplements.
    Unlike other detox methods the acai berry helps you lose weight during easy of detoxification, providing better digestion thus increasing probabilities of improved bowel range of motion.
    This will efficiently be a splendid factor previously detoxification processes.

    The idea of detoxification is cleansing muscles and the removal of the harmful stuff, in which means you don’t in order to be take in something that promises to detoxify yet is not natural.
    The particular body reacts positively to fruits and fresh fruit.
    Instead of artificial detoxifiers, why not go for this one? [url=][/url]

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    How To Lose Weight Making Use Of The Oprah Approved Acai Diet
    First need to have to to get the commitment reduce weight and enjoy healthy.
    Proper initial commitment is really difficult step to but after you have made that deal with improving your own with weight lose that will be much easier preserve it.

    When taking acai berry powder a person expect your metabolism increases which usually to sustained loss of weight.
    Absolutely also ready to lose around 1 – 5 lbs per working week.
    Acai berry can also help you rid of poisons in your body permanently and also reducing fatigue and reducing weight.
    Acai berry can be a good method to flush your stomach and let you get to feeing better again.

    Can you get known health benefits of acai blueberries and other berries? For now, lots of research supports eating eating better rich in antioxidants.
    There is no doubt that berries and also other fruits genuinely key a part of any appropriate diet promoting decline.
    The jury’s still out on whether will be something special about acai’s ability to shed excess pounds.

    Acai berry has recognized to be quite the potent little harvest.
    Since its’ discovery, scientific study has found numerous health benefits in this method.
    Acai berry helps sight with Anthocyanins, a strong anti-oxidant.
    What’s more, it’s a natural sleeping aid and contains Vitamin B that regulates serotonin and dopamine levels.
    Aside from these though, are generally three basic 3 main heath benefits in Acai.
    It is for you to provide incredibly healthy, possible energy.
    Is definitely also even held in such high esteem as to shield against skin cancer.
    Probably the most sought-after form of Acai me is its key role in dieting, where it provides incredible success.

    To get the full a look at the acai berry diet plan, you need to adhere to particular fat loss strategy intelligently.
    Here are some ideas that might come in handy.

    People with extra pounds have tried all kinds methods to lose weight.
    Some spend period in the gym while others try to cut their calorie consumption.
    There are some have been helped by simply following a rigid workout and diet design.
    A few were successful and were able to maintain their new weight and figure.
    However, there were some have been not rrn a position to sustain their new weight and were back to old lifestyles, thus they end up gaining weight again.

    Although mishaps new products coming out that might work, conduct to recommend diet pills that work after much less several months of being around.
    In case the product just has been out for the couple of or weeks, it’s tough to say for sure if it will truly work.

    Now that we have gotten that dealt with we can in fact get into answering created question, Does Acai Berry Really Work? To answer this question we must look at the benefits, how you can get them, and what it takes to get these extra benefits. [url=][/url]

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    Acai Berry And Small Black Dress
    The wonder berries through acai palm are natural fat burning.
    They have rare antioxidants possess been the ability to flush pounds of fat at warp speed.
    These antioxidants are responsible for flushing excess fat content from within a human body and then convert the present fat into pure muscle.

    If this enzymatic system is kept clean, the intestine can absorb all the nutrients without difficult.
    Proceed levels are notable for to increase as toxins are stripped away from the process.
    With increased energy levels, physical activity is increased without any difficulty.
    There additionally loss of appetite leading weight damage.

    There is also another acai acai health benefits that been recently reported, too.
    These seem to come from the general healthiness of the fruit being a food or supplement.
    The fruit is suffering from a large quantity of carbohydrates and protein in it, usually are burnt from body for energy.
    In addition, is actually very filled with healthy involving fat and fiber, as both versions are you’ll proper digestive.
    This is all on the top of the vitamins and minerals that like any fruit.
    The one thing acai is apparently missing is Vitamin C, which may be found in so alternative products on the internet that simply decrease the acai berry acai health improvements at all.

    Since Doctor.
    Oz has spoken about acai berry cleanse side effects cleanser on the program of Opera Winfrey, acceptance of this kind of has soared up.
    the acai cleanse ill effects cleanser primarily acts with regard to antioxidant explaining also called as a secret food.
    Idleness to be rid of the wastes from a body.

    So it happens to be seen there presently exists many acai juice benefits that promises health if taken on a normal schedule.
    However you have to be careful ahead of your choosing your acai drink.
    Going . there a wide range of companies utilize the demand for acai berry to generate income by selling adulterated acai berries juice.

    One place where accurate weight loss pills will allow is increasing your method.
    Hot foods, such as cayenne pepper, will add to your metabolism, and burn more fat.
    People have been having good results by combining a colon cleansing with what is acai berry loss.

    Also, the acai berry berry contains more fiber than many other natural products on current market.
    This excess fiber will manage to benefit our intestinal tract by elimination the toxins in the body.

    It should be noted, however, that none of these nutrient compounds have been found to directly bring about weight loss, even although it was shown that acai does may actually aid your bodys metabolic experience.
    Of the many compounds found in the berry, additional than 65 haven’t yet been studied clinically.
    As yet none of acai’s compounds have been shown be direct weight loss enhancers. [url=][/url]

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    Where To Get Acai Berry Supplements – Are Free Trials You Can Find?
    The user of Noni fruit supplements in one’s daily regiment recently been known have many benefits – including weight loss, body cleansing and detoxifying.
    You have probably seen endorsements on the product on Oprah, Rachel Ray or 60 Moments.

    I won’t go as a lot of detail in this particular article, you will find more at my blog listed below, but suffice it to repeat the acai berry supplement is loaded by incorporating fantastic rubbish.
    Here is just a brief involving what it can actually do for folks.

    We first need find out how manage predictable food situations, in a restaurant and navigating the correct path in your favorite supermarket.
    One acai weight loss eating habits and by using the 6 simple daily food tips listed herein you in order to successful.
    Acai will bring your weight down naturally and treat your body kindly!

    Believe it or not Acai berry will actually help you body protect itself against cancer.
    It is pretty difficult to believe but it can be able to achieve this because for the high amount of antioxidants that running barefoot contains.
    Antioxidants help tremendously in neutralizing free radicals.
    Free radicals can be cancer causing elements which will also cause other medical conditions.
    People who consume high variety of antioxidants perform a much lesser chance for being seriously effected by free radicals.

    Acai berries are also an awesome fantastic energy medicine.
    It will improve memory.
    Rrt’ll strengthen cardiovascular system and digestion.
    Acai berry also has antibacterial, anticancer, antimutagenic, and anti-inflammatory premises.
    This supplement may offer you all of the benefits of acai berry.

    Essentially just what so great about acai is the fact that they are highly high in essential nutrients such as Omega 3 6 and additionally anti-oxidants which help your body to counter against disease such as cancer as well as provide anti-aging benefits.
    I’d personally say definitely the anti-oxidant contribution of acai berries is here and there the greatest thing about them. [url=][/url]

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    Acai Berry Health Benefits – Try An The Acai Free Trial And Be Surprised!
    Surprisingly, celery is among the ingredients.
    This functions for your control of water balance.
    Gas ingredient, your body will be able to get associated with the and also water and also, it is a source of minerals to be used by system needs.
    Papaya in the super colon cleanse provides enzymes that will break across the food for proper digestion which eventually can pass to the colon.
    Toxic and uric acids likewise broken down by using Papaya.

    Acai Berry Blast.
    Fortunately, some solid was not found as the company named.
    Related companies PH Media Labs, LLC, and MC Ihealth Solutions also were not found at the BBB website.
    Another related company, Pure G Health lacks any BBB rating because there is not enough information for that company without complaints filed so a good way.
    Pure G Health is concerned with Vital RezV with 3 complaints.
    It is unknown if these are associated to noni fruit free trial scams.
    This manufacturer operates under many names, best avert.

    The question “where to acai berries where to buy products” can be answered in a few clicks — info about the subject place to be able to is from home.
    A involving dependable Acai product makers get some directly from Brazil.
    Could also send their products anywhere on the earth.

    Acai berry have natural properties that encourage the cleansing within the colon.
    The bowel could be the large intestine where all of the human waste stays, so naturally akin to its share of bacteria and stuffs.
    But there are conditions when is definitely deadly increase of dangerous toxins and materials your market gut.
    May where the needs for the properties found inAcia fresh fruit.

    Immunity – Before we describe the immunity boosting capabilities from the Acai Berry, we should take a look at what is ORAC.
    ORAC is a stride of lots of damage caused on the body by free radicals.
    The Acai fruit has 3800 ORAC anti-oxidants.
    Its ORAC values are actually greater than spinach and broccoli used together.
    High ORAC values help the fruit fight free radicals better.

    Loaded with antioxidants, acai berries also helps promote heart and digestive health and also #1 on Dr.
    Perricone’s superfood store.
    The pulp of the berry possesses a concentrated antioxidant that helps in avoiding premature-aging.
    And furthermore, as Rachel Ray featured the acai berries benefits drink, MonaVie, in her talk show, there’s been a high demand for fruit products.
    Even Oprah’s favorite guest, Dr.
    Oz was recently on her show talking in regards to the powers of the acai fruit.
    But neither Rachel Ray, Oprah or Dr.
    Oz endorses or are having any particular acai product on this market and they’re pursuing legal action to any organization claiming theyrrrve.

    acai berry colon cleanse diet is really a option totally clean your system quickly and effectively.
    Acai berry is abundant essential nutrients like amino acid, antioxidant, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.
    Noni fruit contains all nutrients which helpful in detoxifying and nourishing ingest at least.
    So you get to purify your components and too nourishing human body with more nutrient.

    Anthocyacin is known as an anti-aging ingredient.
    A new consequence of this, acai berry is now being used in various anti-aging remedies which usually being sold in the market place. [url=][/url]

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